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Common problems and countermeasures of air supply

Common compressed air supply pipeline problems can be divided into two kinds:

One is design. Insufficient air supply caused by too fine pipe network and unreasonable layout; The other is the use of the process of failure, such as pipe joints leak, hose rupture, condensate water aggregation, filter and other air source processing components work badly.

Design problems

1. Excessive pressure loss

With the continuous change of factory production scale and production process, the compressed air main network is also constantly changed.

In the actual operation, the original pipeline is often changed. Due to the limitation of the technical ability of the factory personnel and the field conditions, there are often insufficient estimates of the actual amount, unreasonable pipeline layout and other problems, resulting in excessive burden of local pipe network, great pressure loss or serious pressure fluctuation of local pipe network.

Common problems and countermeasures of air supply pipeline in compressed air system

To solve this problem, the common solutions are as follows: the factory should properly enlarge the pipe network in the layout, and arrange the annular main pipe network slightly larger than the greater demand for gas. The gas for equipment should be extracted from the annular pipe network nearby, and the buffer pipe should be arranged nearby for the pulse gas equipment to reduce local pressure fluctuations.

For local branch pipeline pressure loss is too large, there are generally two kinds of problems, the first kind of gas consumption is too large, the pipeline can not match, the second kind of end filter under-maintenance, pressure regulating valve failure, resulting in pressure loss is too large.

Solution: Reasonable design of branch network size, as far as possible to reduce bend, shrink, unnecessary valves and other pipe parts with large pressure loss, in addition to the establishment of a maintenance system, regular inspection of the maintenance of branch valves, filters and other equipment, for the pressure difference is too large parts timely repair and replacement.

2, pipe outlet

The water outlet problem of the pipeline is caused by the substandard dew point of the gas produced by the air compressor station. When the gas temperature is lower than the dew point temperature, water will flow out of the pipeline.

Generally in southern China, it appears when the temperature is low in winter and disappears after the temperature rises in spring. The northern regions appear when the temperature difference between day and night is large or when the humidity is high.

Here is willing to air compressor hold on, all is well!!

Solution: for this kind of problem, when the pipeline problem is serious, the priority should be given to reducing the dew point temperature of air compressor station, checking the dew point temperature of the outlet of the cold and dry machine, and adding adsorption dryer if necessary; In the case of slight performance, a gas-water separator should be added before the pipeline enters the workshop to separate the liquid water in the pipeline.

3. High oil content of pipeline

Pipes with high oil content may damage end equipment. The problem of pipeline oil generally occurs in the case of oil lubricated air compressor.

The factories that do not require high oil content of the gas often show slime like foreign bodies in the end pipe.

This kind of question is basic and water problems appear at the same time, because of the air compressor station can't very well to get rid of the compressed air is contained in the gas or liquid oil and water, and makes the oil in the compressed air pipe to form oil droplets, and then mixed with compressed air water caused by corrosion, oil sludge, the sludge of clutter is easily damaged at the end of line equipment and gas equipment.

Common problems and countermeasures of air supply pipeline in compressed air system

Solution: Gas water separator should be added at the position where the pipeline enters the workshop and a grade C filter should be added.

4. Pipeline leakage

Leakage is an inevitable problem in the compressed air pipe network system. It is often seen in pipe joints, flange gaskets, air source triples, quick joints, damaged hoses and other parts. It occurs occasionally or continues to exist due to the lack of attention from management personnel, inadequate maintenance and maintenance, and maintenance costs.

The amount of air passing through the aperture per minute at different pressures

Common problems and countermeasures of air supply pipeline in compressed air system

Solution ideas: energy consumption cost accounting to gas equipment, improve management and field personnel consciousness of energy conservation, improve the system maintenance and maintenance, not easy to leak joints, pipe fittings and high quality seals, would impose pipeline doesn't often remove the pipe joint sealant fastening, discovery has a flat hose timely replacement or repair.

5. Reserve the position of the flowmeter

Power pipe network should not only be used as the transmission channel of compressed air, and the management of future production energy consumption data should be taken into account in the design, so in the design, the joint location for measurement and testing must be reserved.

Use of

Common pneumatic pipeline faults include leakage of pipeline joints, hose rupture, condensed water aggregation, poor working of air source processing components such as filters, etc. These problems will lead to the loss of pipeline pressure, insufficient supply pressure, damage of components and increase the energy consumption of air compressor. In this regard, the piping system needs regular inspection and fixed point inspection.

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