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Have you started the seasonal maintenance of the a

Have you started the seasonal maintenance of the air compressor?

Spring is almost over, your spring and summer cleaning has begun! Just like your home needs a deep cleaning, your compressed air system should also be cleaned seasonally to make sure everything is running efficiently. Well-maintained air compressors perform better and run longer than neglected air compressors.

Air compressor maintenance

When performing compressor maintenance, consider the following five suggestions:

#1. Monitor the compressor temperature

The compressor generates a lot of heat. Since the spring and summer seasons have unpredictable temperature fluctuations, it is necessary to closely monitor temperatures to avoid overheating units and costly downtime.

#2. Prepare for humidity

Speaking of hotter temperatures, as the temperature rises, so does the humidity. As the air warms, it can hold more water vapor. When air is compressed and cooled, water condenses and becomes liquid water. If water gets into your system, it can cause countless problems. By ensuring that condensate collectors, drains and dryers are ready for high performance work.

Make sure that the compressor room is well ventilated

As the weather warms up, the heat byproducts of the compressor heat up even more. If the compressor is in a closed room without proper cooling or ventilation, the machine may overheat; This can lead to unnecessary and costly downtime. If you have a compressor room, make sure it's well ventilated. This helps prevent unnecessary downtime or downtime, thus keeping your operations humming throughout the spring.

#4. Monitor filters

Spring is also the season for pollen -- lots and lots of it. The compressor doesn't like it either. When compressors suck in ambient air, they also suck in all the particles and float around. In the spring, an increase in allergens means filters will struggle to remove contaminants from the compressed air supply.

#5. Make preventive maintenance plans. Regular maintenance helps to keep your compressor in high performance working condition.

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