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Why generate compressed nitrogen for the laborator

Why generate compressed nitrogen for the laboratory site?

Are you familiar with the laboratory? These Spaces are critical to scientific progress, experimentation and research, and pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. Professionals working in the lab will oversee critical applications, which means that the equipment that powers these processes and the environment in which they are performed must be safe and reliable. One way to ensure this safety and consistency is to use on-site nitrogen generation.

Laboratory generation of nitrogen

The benefits of nitrogen production in the laboratory

If you work in a laboratory, you know the importance of keeping the laboratory environment clean. In fact, it is crucial to maintain very specific atmospheric conditions depending on the process, and this is where nitrogen does its job! Nitrogen is an inert gas, which means it doesn't react with chemicals or other substances. This makes it ideal for atmospheric coverage, a process in which nitrogen is introduced into a laboratory environment to remove oxygen. This removal eliminates the potential hazards associated with oxygen by creating a non-flammable environment.

In addition to reducing the chance of objects "exploding," nitrogen is also effective in ensuring the safety and functionality of laboratory equipment. How? Simplicity - Introducing nitrogen into the laboratory environment helps control laboratory temperature and humidity levels. This, in turn, is essential for maintaining the integrity of fragile and sensitive equipment, including drying ovens, IVF incubators and mass spectrometers.

The benefits of nitrogen production

So, why do you generate compressed nitrogen for the lab site?

Transporting nitrogen is a thing of the past. By producing nitrogen on site, you can gain the following benefits:

1. Consistency -- No need to worry about suddenly running out of nitrogen in a critical application. Instead, you can secure your nitrogen source.

2. You can set the desired purity level and only pay for that purity. In addition, generating your own N2 is a more cost-effective option.

3. Improve laboratory safety by eliminating the need to handle nitrogen cylinders.

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