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Precautions before starting permanent magnet frequ

Permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is being selected by more and more users because of its excellent energy-saving effect. But there are also some matters needing attention and specific conditions before starting up the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor, otherwise it will achieve the effect of energy saving. Here are some commonly used points, users should pay attention to oh!

Precautions before starting permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor

1. The indoor temperature of the air compressor room must be kept above 5℃ before the air compressor can be started.

2. Close the air compressor exhaust, close the indoor heat exhaust, and ensure the indoor temperature;

3. Before starting the machine, it must be confirmed that the outlet valve of the dryer (electric) is opened;

4. Start the dryer 5 minutes before starting the air compressor.

5. Before starting, check whether the oil level of the air compressor is higher than the normal oil level scale 15(note that when the unit is in loading operation, the cooling oil level scale is normal between 3 and 17; If it is too low, stop the machine immediately and add it to the specified value range), the unit has no obvious oil leakage phenomenon;

6. When the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor is started by the cooler in winter, the oil viscosity with lower ambient temperature is higher, and the slow supply of oil to the head will lead to high-temperature shutdown; In order to alleviate this phenomenon, a manual switch is added to the control panel to control the loading and unloading status of the unit. The operation method is as follows:

Pull the empty switch to the open position, start the air compressor, the unit begins to display the loading state, the actual intake valve is in the closed state (unloading operation), no load for 2 minutes, pull the empty switch to the closed position, the air compressor begins to load operation, close the switch for 5 seconds, pull down the switch again. The air compressor was unloaded and operated, and then closed again after 2 minutes. After repeated operation for 2-3 times, the switch was closed and loaded for 5-10 minutes. The exhaust heating rate and temperature range were observed. If the exhaust temperature stability between roughly 82-94 ℃, and then the air compressor at normal operating conditions, according to the said to be able to open and close the temperature for normal operation of the fan and press the sliding door (exhaust temperature is 92 ℃ above, according to the surrounding temperature adjusting sliding door opening), when the ambient temperature is above 5 degrees, can be in accordance with the normal start program start;

7, the operation needs to keep the indoor ambient temperature above 15℃, according to the need to exhaust hot air to the room, improve the ambient temperature (the indoor temperature is high under the appropriate open the sliding door, the indoor temperature is low under the case of closing the sliding door, like the indoor heat exhaust to ensure the indoor temperature).

8. If oil leakage, abnormal noise and other abnormal conditions are found in the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor in operation, please stop the machine in time and start it again after troubleshooting.

9. After shutdown, the sliding door of the outdoor air outlet must be closed to ensure the indoor ambient temperature;

10. Clean up the debris around the air compressor and internal oil pollution, and restore the lighting use of the air compressor room as soon as possible;

11. If the machine has not been started for a long time, the intake control valve should be removed before starting the machine again, and an appropriate amount of the same brand of cooling oil should be added from the inlet of the main engine, and the compressor should be turned several times by hand.

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