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In addition to frequency converters, there are man

Air compressor is a wide range of industrial products, its energy saving is bound to concern people. Compressor workers dare not neglect the work of energy saving, do everything possible to design a variety of energy-saving air compressor, so that the existing air compressor more energy saving.

In addition to frequency converters, there are many ways to make compressors efficient and energy efficient

There is no lack of innovation in these air compressors, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving, in addition to the compressor to master the relevant theory and technology, but not some skills. These techniques can effectively promote the energy-saving work of the air compressor. Some techniques and examples are disruptive and demonstrative.

The energy-saving work of air compressor can be divided into normal working condition and variable working condition.

1. Frequency converter control

Nowadays, it is believed that the most effective energy-saving measure of the compressor under variable working conditions is to control the compressor with the frequency converter, so that when the required load changes, the compressor, air conditioner, fan, water pump and other rotating speeds can be adjusted accordingly, so as to adjust the flow and pressure and save the redundant flow and pressure. Using frequency converter to control the compressor, to achieve energy saving has become the consensus of most compressor people.

In addition to the use of frequency converter, there are many measures to make the compressor effective energy saving.

2. Appropriate compression ratio and appropriate exhaust pressure is another technical key to energy saving of air compressor

Appropriate compression ratio belongs to energy saving measures under normal working conditions.

The appropriate exhaust pressure of the positive displacement air compressor is determined by the appropriate compression ratio and the pressure of the rear pipe of the air compressor. Appropriate compression ratio is the key to energy saving.

Proper internal compression ratio of screw compressor is the key to energy saving of screw air compressor.

Now, large, medium and small piston machines (in addition to special purpose micro air compressor) have basically been replaced by screw air compressor, centrifugal air compressor and vortex air compressor.

Due to historical reasons, production technology reasons and sales and production connection reasons, resulting in a large number of screw air compressor internal compression ratio is not appropriate, resulting in screw air compressor actual energy saving effect is not ideal, resulting in a lot of waste.

Of course, the capable screw air compressor company in the era of the Internet of Things will connect the production number of the compressor company from the confirmed air compressor number to the necessary parameters (including the internal compression ratio) and the compressor company, and design according to the number and parameters.

Design truly appropriate compression ratio and other parameters, input into the production system, according to the order number from the processing center to produce the rotor and body, and carry out the selection of accessories to the whole machine integration, to meet the highest performance requirements. Then through the intelligent test, to packaging delivery, service and feedback. In this way, the company can ensure that the screw compressors sold in this way to achieve true energy efficiency.

It can be clearly obtained through several types of indicator diagrams:

1, screw compressor internal compression ratio is larger or smaller, more power consumption. The difference between the internal compression ratio and the nominal compression ratio of the general single screw air compressor should be no more than 15%, and the extra work consumption can be controlled within 1% due to the deviation of the internal compression ratio; If you want a more energy-saving compressor, the internal compression ratio and nominal compression ratio deviation can also be controlled less.

2. In addition to the part that can be shown on the indicator diagram, the screw compressor consumes more power due to larger internal compression ratio or smaller internal compression ratio, as well as additional leakage caused by larger exhaust port size (smaller internal compression ratio) and larger leakage pressure (larger internal compression ratio).

3. The intake throttle adjusting air volume structure of screw air compressor consumes about 30% more power on average in the adjusting condition. The most effective energy saving measure in the adjusting condition is the motor frequency conversion regulation. In order to improve the stability of frequency conversion regulation, it is best to use servo oil quantity regulating valve or frequency conversion oil pump to keep the fuel injection rate of unit volume of compressed air stable.

4, the general medium pressure screw single-stage internal compression ratio should not exceed 14 as well, the exception of special purpose compressors. Two-stage compression of single screw exhaust pressure does not exceed 10MPa. If the strength and wear resistance of the star wheel are further improved, the exhaust pressure of the two-stage compression single screw compressor is expected to reach 19.6MPa.

5. The single screw compressor has more leakage channels than the twin screw compressor, and the control methods of leakage are also more. It is beneficial to reduce the leakage by using various methods to study the leakage law.

6. The area of the exhaust process accounts for about 48% of the area of the indicator diagram. Not only does the compression process affect the energy efficiency of the compressor, but all the phenomena and factors that can increase the power consumption of the exhaust will also reduce the energy efficiency of the compressor.

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